For School

Schobulto for school

Schobulto helps the school to create & control a safe school bus cycle from the begging till the end which will facilitate, with full communication methods with the parents, supervisors & Also Drivers.

  • Added Comfort and Security.
  • Savings for your School .
  • Service From Your School .


Schobulto is a bus tracking and student tracking software Solution that truly help keep children safe as they travel to and from home and school on the school bus.

Added Comfort and Security

Schobulto ®, is taking security and comfort to the next level by allowing parents to not only track their children’s buses, but also know that their children are actually on board those buses. And will allow parents to individually track their children from the time they get on the bus to exactly where they exit the bus. This gives parents additional peace of mind. It also gives transportation directors and bus drivers actionable information in the event a student gets on the wrong bus, or gets off at the wrong stop.

Savings for your School

For transportation managers, Schobulto ® means children know when their bus will arrive, so there are fewer missed pickups, or delays, which means routes are run quicker, burning less fuel.

Service From Your School

No longer do parents need to call the school to check on the status of their children’s bus. It’s the kind of service that parents should expect in an era where technology allows for service and convenience like never before. It also shows parents that their district is committed to both safety and service.