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Safe To school
Safe To school
Track Your school Buses
Track Your school Buses


Parents are concerned about their children’s location
As a parent, wouldn’t you like to know where the school bus is that you and your child are waiting for?
Wouldn’t it be great if you were able to see your child’s bus on a map, know if it is running late, get an ETA estimate of its arrival, get notifications if it is behind schedule ?
How about even being able to see that your child is confirmed to be on the bus so you know they are safe and in route as expected?
With today’s quickly developing Schobulto App That giving parents and school administrators more peace of mind, control and efficiency in the critical effort of transporting children safely to and from school.

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Bus Tracking

One of the most useful features that Schobulto offers. By bus tracking both School & Parents will be aware where is the bus now & what it’s estimated arrival time.

Control Bus Lines

By Using Schobulto the School Administration will be capable of creating the bus-line routes & adding the students to it According to their Addressees which will complete the routing Cycle.


Alerts & live Notifications will allow the parents to be notified with every change in status regarding the bus-line or their children status.

Fully Control

With Schobulto the school bus cycle will be fully controlled by the parties. School Administration will control & track the bus lines, the supervisor will control the student & their attendance & absence & the parent will control & track their children and all the updated statuses.


Schobulto offers the direct Messages feature which facilitate the communications between the parents & the Bus Supervisors about anything regarding the students.

Publish Announcements

Schobulto helps every School Administration to publish announcements about any evidence regarding the bus lines that the parties of the cycle must have to know to be updated with any occurring change.

Control Drivers

Driver full information will be registered on schobulto, so that the Parents, Administration & Supervisors can look for this information if needed at any time.

Control Supervisors

All the supervisors information will be registered also in schobulto, so that the parents can know much about them which helps in better communications between them.

Creating a Connected District

When information flows seamlessly between administrators, staff, and parents,
districts can advance their operations and make student-first decisions.
Schobulto solutions help districts increase safety and efficiency, improve
communication, and help keep the focus where it should be: in the classroom.

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